TeePeedU is a FREE college social media app that gets you out of the dorm and into the scene, dropping digital graffiti all over campus with everyone you want to know and hang out with.

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TeepeedU will leverage your current marketing campaigns and give them the “Wow Factor” to increase your sales, build memorable brand awareness, and grow your market share!

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TPing Campus With a Digital You!

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TeepeedU gives you the power to insert and overlay your digital self into the real world!

Who's that person across the room? No need to mosey over and ask what's their major. Give your phone or tablet a swipe and see what they are all about in seconds with the TeepeedU app. And everyone else in the spot. A few taps later and it's a party, a flash mob, a study group (hahaaa, as if.) It's up to you.

TeePeedU is a FREE college social media app that gets you out of the dorm and into the scene, dropping digital graffiti all over the campus with everyone you want to know and party with. Get to know your campus and compadres better, in real life, with actual eye contact and all that stuff you don't get on Facebook or Tinder. Even the overpowering cologne. (Dude, 1986 called… it wants its Polo back.)

TeePeedU is like when your parents toilet paper-bombed the campus, except it's cleaner, it's 2016, it's digital and you can meet, flirt with and get to know everyone around you partaking in the digital TPing. And there's no actual TPing. Because who wants to waste perfectly good toilet paper? You're broke and your butt needs it, right?

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Secure your own spot on campus to be your GPS located crib. Grab that cool spot to upload your photos, videos, bio… whatever.

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Chill’n Post

Overlay a pic of your gathering right where it just happened in the real world, and your friends can stop by anytime to comment and rate the chill factor.

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My C-Code

Tell your campus compadres who you are. Tell 'em where you're from, what makes you tick, all by creating your own unique My C-Code.

Learn about My C-Code
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Who's that at the party? Want to know more? Carnac can help with that. Hold your phone up in the air, see their profile picture floating in the room? Tap it… Poof! Instant 411. It's magic..

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Flash Antics Coming Soon

You're there, they're there, the group votes on the wacky antics. Drop to the floor and do The Worm for 30 seconds. Make it happen at a party, library, or even the stadium.

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Rate a Party Coming Soon

Party in progress? Drop a GPS-assisted notice and let your buds know it's the place to be. Or maybe it's kinda meh, you call it.

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TP Map Coming Soon

Amble around campus and see everyone’s digital toilet paper with your smart phone or tablet. Rate it and leave your brilliant comments.

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Safety Coming Soon

Stuck somewhere alone and need a friend to get you home safe? TeePeedU sends a message to your friends nearby who can hang with you on your trip home.

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Chill’n Post at the Big Game!

Scan your surroundings for Chill’n posts or post your own Chill’n pic!

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Tap on a Chill’n post to comment or Rate the Chill factor.

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Create Your Own Unique My C-Code

My C-Code
Create Your Own Unique My C-Code

On everything from your personality to body type to emotional baggage (if you have any, which you don't, wink-wink). Answer a set of 16 fun questions and create your own unique My C-Code to share and compare with friends.

You can also search people at a live party or event based on the My C-Code you’re looking for. It's easy to search and start a conversation with someone. Don’t worry, TeepeedU keeps you incognito to start things off. It’s up to you to take it a step further.

Generation Z - The Next Big Audience

How Sponsorship Marketing Can Reach Them

This is the life of the "Gen Z" -- they have grown up in a highly sophisticated media and computer environment. They are more Internet savvy and technology wise than any other generation before them. They are the first, true, digital generation.

However, Gen Z is not patient. You have only 8 seconds to get their attention, which is already immune to most traditional marketing campaigns. They’ve seen it all and been exposed to it all since early childhood.

They get all the latest trends from social media and are always looking for the next “big thing” in the online social experience. Your marketing campaign needs technology that can deploy engaging and interactive ideas to grasp and hold their attention.

Their consumption patterns and behaviors will soon inspire big changes in your marketing efforts. Get ahead of the curve with a sponsorship on TeepeedU.

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Marketing Objectives

We can seamlessly leverage your current marketing campaign within the TeepeedU environment, creating a welcomed “friend” by our users, organically building your brand awareness and increasing sales.

Value to the Sponsor

Our digital platform provides sponsors with a direct line into our metrics on how students are responding to their brand, giving sponsors the ability to anticipate the trends in consumer consumption patterns throughout the day.

Unique Marketing Initiatives

TeepeedU utilizes Augmented Reality technology to fuse your brand into the daily life of a college student, meeting them where they are - 24/7.

TeepeedU’s Augmented Reality Platform

Empower your brand with Augmented Reality features such as 3D models, videos and transparent video, images, and the organic growth ability of social media to create a truly immersed marketing campaign

Overlay Content

Overlay your logo and products in the real-world, at the most popular spots on campus, inside or out. Be at special events, on the walking paths, in the cafeteria, even on the football field during the biggest game of the year. Anytime. Anyplace.

Interactive 3D Elements

AR allows you to see dynamic, computer-generated 3D models "hovering" in the real-world. Anything, from a 6 foot-tall-beverage to a full-size race car. They can move and make sounds with a simple tap or triggered by a GPS located boundary.

User Metrics

Our platform opens up new levels of metrics. Which ads are students engaging with and for how long? Did they forward it to a friend? Did they tap on a coupon? TeepeedU's metrics can identify trends and reward loyal customers.

Give us a call to learn how our platform can bring your marketing campaign to life!

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